ITRG is committed to demonstrating and supporting responsibility and active contribution toward the protection of the environment, our employees, our customers and our suppliers. We are committed to offering our employees a safe workplace where they are valued and supported in an environment of integrity, respect and trust.

ITRG follows R2:2013 Standards of Responsible Recycling. We take pride in serving our customers with solutions for e-waste that protects the health of people and the planet. Asset resale and responsible recycling of End of Life equipment is one of the many ways ITRG supports contributing to our Global Environment Footprint.


ITRG complies with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws. We are R2; 2013, ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Best Practice Policy

ITRG environmental policy drives our approach of implementing best practices guided by the principle of “reuse first, recycle second,” we find markets for useful life or certified recycling partners of EOL products.

Environmental Integrity

Environmental responsibility and sustainability is an operational priority at IT Recycling Group; our Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems ensure that our company continues to meet the goal of minimizing any adverse environmental foot print and the over-consumption of our earth’s natural resources.

Downstream Transparency

All of ITRG downstream refinery and commodity partners go through a prequalification and audit process and follow the closed loop process of responsible recycling.

Asset and serialization reports

We understand the importance of an updated inventory system. We will capture the asset tags and serial numbers of laptops, network/telcom gear and computers. We provide the data in Excel upon completion of all product processed. We also go one step forward and capture the serial numbers of all hard drives regardless if reused or destroyed. This gives our clients the trust in knowing that memory containing devices are being handled safe and secure.

Data Security and Sanitation

From initial pickup to final processing your data containing product is protected. Our facility utilizes the following:
24 Hour closed circuit monitoring system
Secure Facility Access, including metal detectors
Restricted access to Data destruction area NIST SP 800-88r1 Certified and DOD compliant data sanitization.

White Glove Pick-Up

ITRG works with our customers team in training as well as making the off load of your assets easy. We have trained staff to quickly pack and load from the main staging area or at individual sites based on the project. We can tailor a customized approach in getting large volumes of product out in the quickest possible timeline. Let us do the work for you!

Reverse Logistics

Our Reverse Logistics team will work with your personnel in order to facilitate the ease of equipment removal, utilizing our own pack teams or Nationwide carrier network.


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